Friday, April 30, 2010

she's got both hands in her pockets

Yes feeling so much better! Thanks for the well wishes. And hello wknd plus my brudder's birthday on sunday. Can't wait to go out and celebrate with the girls. Oh & if you're confused, my brudder (aka mi hermano) is not my actual "brother"...considering she is a she. Wasn't sure if I ever made that clear since I do mention my brud pretty often. Obviously there's a story to why we call each other brudders...anyway.....It's beautiful in nyc today and it's supposed to continue throughout the wknd. We all know my obsession with joggers lately so it's only natural that I'd be obsessed with joggers in the form of shorts for the summer. I am crazy about these IRO ones. The whole styling is brilliant too. They can be dressed up or just paired with a pair of sandals and a tee for work. Can't wait. Now kicking myself (and slapping my brud around) for deciding to skip out on a pair of grey ones I saw at Uniqlo last wknd. For some reason I thought I wouldn't wear them in heather grey and they didn't have black. Yup dummie here. Can't wait for Uniqlo to open up down the block from my office. Going to go rummage through my actual brother's sweats and see what I can cut up.
xx happy wknd.


  1. i visited uniqlo online store and am mad jealous. i found so much wearable, comfy, versatile, and above all CHEAP clothing that i'd love to have in my wardrobe!

    1) i'm not allowed to online shop.
    2) i have never seen a uniqlo in british columbia. maybe i'm wrong... but never in my life have i seen the actual store anywhere!

    so i'm hoping uniqlo will open up somewhere pls o pls. cuz i'm getting bored with F21 and there isn't a topshop here either. or target. = = so really i have nowhere to shop but AA and it's a bit too expensive there and they're all just basics anyway.

    anyhoo have a great time on sunday!

    thanks so much for reading my blog hahaha. i hope i get better too ): being sick sucks.

  2. glad you are feeling better! i love anything fleece. i could live in sweats, it's horrible.


  3. Glad you're feeling better dear! Have fun for this weekend! And I think Uniqlo is lovely :)

  4. awesome clothes:)

  5. Those look cute to wear on a summer day, but I don't think you'll see any serious runners or joggers wearing them. (Running gear is the only expertise I have when it comes to clothing...)

  6. Awww...I'm so glad that you are feeling better! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your brother's birthday this weekend!

    And just for the you've got me coveting a pair of sweats in the form of shorts for the summer!! :)

  7. wow gorgeous photos!

    >>I make some changes on my blog, please relink me or link me if you haven't!


  8. I thought your brudder was your brother, well I was mistaken! Great shorts, might get a bit hot and

  9. wow, I'm loving these shorts. saggy pants are not my style but perhaps saggy shorts would work. :)

  10. It felt like summer this weekend!

  11. i totally relate sometimes you see something and then you dont get it and then you see it somewhere esle and then you are like oh god no i couldve had that hahah

    have a nice week!

  12. I LOVE the joggers! how exciting that your birthday is coming on!!