Saturday, May 8, 2010

walk away from something when it's dead

Some cheap finds always make me smile. Did a quick run to the mall during the week and found a legit pair of jogger shorts...but ugh in grey. Come on where on earth are the black ones? Bought them anyway. Got some silk trouser shorts and another pair of harem pants as well. But my favorite item is probably my new shoes from Aldo. Immediately when I saw the chunky platform I thought of a "summer version Acne". They are super light weight & easy to walk in & cost 60 bucks....come on. It's kind of icky out in nyc but hoping for some decent weather soon so I can wear my new babies. Plus I just ordered a bunch of tees from boutique to you (one of my fave online retailers) & probably shouldn't have spent as much as I did considering I just order tee shirts but seriously it's so hard for me to find tops I like. I need to stray away from the hanes tees. Can't wait for that package to arrive.
xx happy mother's day


  1. those shoes are way cute, shoe porn!

    i know the runaways are so rad, i cant wait to see the film, kirsten stewart is so joan jett <3


  2. Aw, love the shoes "summer Acnes" indeed. I understand how you dress like the boys and I dress like the four year olds, it's a messed up world anyway, who cares what one wears?

  3. oh wow, amazing wedges!! love the cutouts. and $60?! awesome. really need to get me a pair....

  4. I really to like Aldo, great find! =) Those shoes are fantastic! And I'm glad to hear that they are lightweight.

  5. god i love those shoes.

    i need to go shopping!!! like majorly.

    i won't even mind spending a lot of money, but i need:
    blazer (hopefully a cream colour)
    more thigh-highs, tights, socks in general (i have a fetish for them now for some reason)
    oversized white blouse (sheer?)


  6. Ah, those shoes are love! I'm obsessed with wedges myself, and these ones are perfection! Yayay for new tees! A girl can never have too many tees to complement stunning wedges!

    Happy, Happy Mother's Day, my love!! :)

  7. I know, why are most things in gray?!! Sounds like you had a productive shopping trip!! xo, mel

  8. omg what??no my aldo store dont have those, i want so bad!!! or do they??hahahha i dont think so
    they are so cheap ,they look amazing on you! how come you always find really awesome stuff all the time? oh wait i know, cuz you live in NY.
    i wish i wouldve met you back last year, i went to ny for 2 weeks and while my husband worked i had to stay in the hotel doing nothing.we couldve been shopping!!!!!!!
    ahhahah anyways so the interview is for a clothing store,nothing big just a small boutique but right now everything is good, I NEED MONEY!!!
    and thank you for the info about the city show tomorrow, i will watch and blog about it!!!

  9. i saw them there and i loved them!! love your new shoes!!