Monday, May 24, 2010

i pray i was in this world

Marley, me and er out sat night. A fun night with the girls just dancing was absolutely needed and I got it. I swear I never worked out that hard before. Obviously fun was had otherwise I would not be attempting to lick erica. Delicious. It was warm in the city so I wore my denim cutoffs and a blazer. Of course wasn't happy with any of the tees I owned so I made another one. This is inspired by the one worn by the girl a previous post which is by an 80s punk brand BOY london. It kiiiiiills me that I can't find any of the original tees on ebay. They're sold at a shop in london so if any of you readers are from london....pleaseeeeee send me one =D

Mine and marley's attempt at pretending we belong on JB. Oh yea I cut huge arm holes to make it a muscle tee and a put a lace bra underneath. Blazer came off as soon as dancing took place.

This is what it looks like front on. It's completely cracked & that wasn't on purpose. I made the images on paper to be ironed on and accidently ironed the ink so it cracked. You can see the "B" is half off and the legs of the phoenix are little specs. Although I'm diggin the mistake...looks worn in. Even grated a few holes in it with a cheese grater.

That is all. Oh yeah and my attempt to be punky with my baby blue nail polish but with one finger black. Fully admitting I'm strange.
Supposed to be near 90 tmrw yet all I want to do is go to the craft store to get letter stamps to make some more tees. I'm pretending I look good pale.


  1. Ah, you are SO pretty; and...I absolutely love the DIY job on that top. Tres cute!! :)

  2. that is amazing, how you made that, i saw chloe sevigny wearing one , you probably saw it too
    but yeah thats how i wear mine too , i put a lace bra , just when i wear this kinda of shirts cuz i usually dont wear bras, they bugged me.
    but anyways girl, you look gorgeous and i love how you wore cutoffs with blazer.
    right here you look fantastic.

  3. yeah email me that tee hahha
    i think you should sell it, you should open your online store,ill help you linking it and all that=)

  4. looks like sooo much fun

    can't wait til i graduate and actually DO something fun :S

    love the new tee! you're a stenciling genius. i bet you could make money just stenciling tees for people. you should SO make an etsy!

    love the nail polish! i think being funky with nailpolish is the best cuz it's subtle but still pretty edgy :D

    ps. yeah no bills... 'cept for my phone bill. but still, a credit card seems like a dream! and ebay would be even better! arghhh

  5. i love the way the tee turned out. you are so talented! and dancing is the best and most fun exercise ever!


  6. Cute t-shirt! And beautiful pictures :)

  7. i want some blue nail polish too!
    i saw it and loved it
    seriously ,you should start making shirts.
    hey so is it 90 today there?
    and did you go to the craft store?
    you should make me one with kate moss on it=)

  8. your shirts do look amazing!! you should sell them i agree, even if i am to poor to buy some now i bet someone else will!

  9. We're cute!! Love you and can't wait to party this weekend :)

    XO Er