Monday, May 31, 2010

must be the season of the witch

My new steve madden clogs. Sigh..I love them. Ordered them a few weeks ago on preorder but they came earlier than expected which always makes me happy. They are super high even though they claim to only be 4 inches but luckily they're lightweight so easy to walk in. And to think I was going to buy the jeffrey campbell pair with a 4.25 inch heel. Ohh...over the weekend I finally opened up an esty account where you can see the first Boy Is A Slag tee up for sale. Plus don't forget if you want something personalized all you have to do is ask. But please help me get the word out about my etsy. I've been posting it all over twitter and am glad I have some cool followers who have be retweeting it as well. May even start selling some other stuff on there too, who knows. Well hope everyone is having a good wknd. I've been trying to fix up these tanlines that will have to remain hidden for a while. I look like a red patchwork quilt. Cool.



  1. Clogs are so awesome, its not even funny! Great post :-)
    Ad thank you so much for helping me reach 300 followers, and writing such sweet comments!
    Panda xx

  2. i love those clogs! i wish i knew how to wear heels as high as that :(

    {no, it's not about birds}

  3. They look very nice.
    Looking forward to see more of it here!

  4. Clogs are popping up everywhere - I love the Miu Miu ones and these are a close second.


  5. Ah, I have been eyeing both the Steve Madden clogs and the Jeffrey Campbell ones - I would gladly take either! So glad they arrived early!! :)

  6. no, hahah i envy you, those are really cool
    cant wait to see you wearing it
    and gonna check also your etsy store!

  7. ^^^ yess, so jealous :O
    these are perfect!

  8. Hy! I like clogs a lot, even though they're controversial :P


  9. Perfect clogs, I still can't tell whether I think they are the worst trend ever, deciding. I'll be sure to check out your etsy shop!

  10. heyyy!

    love the clogs (:

    i checked out yer etsy. love the two tees. i really want to buy the double C shirt, but i'm fricking broke right now. had to pay for my music trips and the IB retreat by myself cuz my parents are cheap. ):

    maybe one day, i can buy your diy tees. soon. hopefully.

    gaahh i've got 4 major projects and internal assessments due next week. french exams to take. an extended essay to write. so sorry for the late comment! i'm dyiinggg i swear = =