Wednesday, May 19, 2010

love me i'm lonely

I've fallen in love with this site I stumbled upon, johnnysbird. The photos are so effing cool my photo folder is overwhelmed with new additions. There's not even an "about me"...I need to find you soulmate. Some faves-->

Yea so who's finding this tee for me?

Does is get much cooler than an old school 90210 bedsheet? Hello Dylan. I have a rerun on my tele right now.
My UO package arrived. Out of four, only one thing is getting sent back. Not bad. Scored some pretty sweet sandals and two pairs of silky shorts that really ought to be pajamas but that's what I was going for. One is even nude with lace trim. Can't wait to pair them with a shredded tee and my soon to arrive platform clogs. Plus check out mi madre's ebay store Caramia112. She sells some of her fabulous treasures as well as some of my stuff. Who doesn't love ebay? I just bought some crazy snake earring. Mmm goodies.
edit: found JB on twatter
edit2: JB tweeted me =)


  1. That tee is killer and I must say I want that 90210 blanket. OMG that made me smile!

  2. i found that site a while back and spent a whole day looking at the images. amazing!

    excited for you and your new purchases. yay!


  3. look at the legs on her! loving it

    stop by our fashion blog, we are giving away designer sun glasses =) we hope you love it!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  4. Love the photos! The Tee-shirts are tres fab. :)

  5. Bulimic Cokehead? Who doesn't need that shirt, must attempt this DIY asap!

  6. yeah, i saw this website too, she takes awesome photos no?
    oh yeah the riot tuxedo shirt, i love it ,you should get one too!

  7. I love the rawness of these photographs - absolutely perfect! Though perhaps not nearly as perfect as that 90210 blanket - ohmigosh I need!!

    Congratulations on the shopping score - the nude silk shorts sound phenomenal!! :)

  8. Yep the 90210 bedsheets are definitely my favorite from the bunch, although her foot smashing man's head is pretty good too. Wow, these are some epic pictures you've stumbled across, good job!

  9. oh yess, i stumbled across the site a few weeks back and spent ages going through every photo and saving the majority of them ;)

  10. oh i recently discovered the site as well got love it!!

  11. those tshirts really have funny messages!!

  12. you always have the best images, i love these pics!