Monday, May 17, 2010

i could really use a wish right now

I am so not a miley fan but hot damn I love this outfit. Although it is obvious why I do, come on baggy knit and jogger shorts. Yeah everything I'm into these days. It's exactly what I want to be wearing now possibly paired with my combat boots. Unfortunately mother nature is having an internal with herself and taking it out on us by switching up the weather every other day. Yup buh bye 70's & sunshine...rain and 60's tomorrow. Whatevs. I may have an addiction to online shopping. Seriously. Just pre-ordered a pair of clogs from SM and ordered three pairs of shorts & sandals from UO. Mmm...can't wait for my goodies.

And hello...who is going to find this baby for me? Please I need these shorts...bad. Addiction see. Did find these. Must not order...must not order. They're called bloomer basically fancy name for diaper...& I'm the sucker that wants them. Decisions decisions.



  1. Love this look on Miley! Effortless pieces I could use for my lazy days!

  2. OMG, looove those shorts- totally want/need too! Love Miley's look here- hmm her hair looks super pretty here (I'm contemplating chopping mine)! xo, mel

  3. I love Miley's look too plus her hat! And I'm not liking this indecisive weather here either haha.

  4. great blog ! :)

  5. Oh gosh, those knitted bloomers are amazing. And I imagine that yes, they would look like a diaper! But a cozy, awesome diaper!!!!

    Her hair looks really good in that photo, I hate to admit it.

  6. i think what shes wearing here is really cute and for her age too.
    hahha the weather here is not too good anymore today is drizzling but soon it will be better dont worry and i do share your addiction!and cant wait for your goodies and lastly ,are those shorts from stolen girlfriends club??im not sure but they have some they look like that
    i want them too!!!

  7. Ah, Miley oftentimes looks amazing - especially adoring this ensemble. Though I think I want her hair the most - so gorgeous! And yayay for using lyrics from "Airplanes" for the title of this post. I am OBSESSED with that song - at least the chorus!! :P

  8. not really a miley fan either. but she does wear some great outfits. sometimes. haha (:

    thank you for your lovely words! i know i'm not the only one. i just wish everyone would say what's on their mind. including me. then maybe nobody will feel alone in a situation.

    that's what i'm trying to do! be more independent and stuffs. be able to walk somewhere on my own without a friend by my side or my mother to drive me (she hates driving and will make it known out loud that she hates it). i need to rely more on myself, be less insecure, all that shizz that happens when people grow up. i need to grow up.

    i need to learn how to drive... gah.

    ps. i always look forward to reading your posts and comments! you are one of the coolest people on blogger, i swear. oh and you shop a lot :D haha. i do too, although, maybe i'm a little cheaper cuz i tend to buy cheap things in large quantities. like stocking up.


  9. I love that miley's outfit too!!