Wednesday, May 5, 2010

she's just a baby

Thank you Amy! I finally got my dress in the mail last night and I'm in love. It's super tight, not forgiving at all (guess more motivation to cut the junk) but it's super sexy. Obviously you all know I'm not used to wear super tight, super sexy pieces but this dress is just too hot and I can't wait to wear it out, probably grunge it up a bit with some combat boot high heels. And what's great is that it has an extra lining so no need for a bra & bc seriously I would never be able to fit one underneath it anyway ;)

Full shot. I guess curves do exist.

Definitely easy boob slippage here. Whatever it's just a boob.
Hope all of you are checking out purse blog for the Zara Terez giveaway. It's day 3 on the scavenger hunt but you still have a chance to win even if you can't play in the scavenger hunt. So check it out. Yesterday I was the one hiding with the bag and someone found me pretty quick. Mazol! Good luck!


  1. that dress looks amazing on you!
    omg thats such a sexy dress and you obviously make it more sexier.
    im acutally looking for a dressy dress right now for this wedding thing and now i want that dress your wearing. hahhah
    you look gorgeous!

  2. kiiiiiiiiiiller dress! pure fashion porn, you look way super awesome. that would look killer with combat boots too, i love the whole glam/grunge mix, you are a killer style icon ;p


  3. That is a very nice dress and it looks great on you. Don't they make some kind of tape to help hold it in place?

  4. Aw, super sexy and the red lips tres tres glaorous. I would definitley dress them down with combat boots, emmm Doc Martens!

  5. that dress is HOT!! and the red lips just add to it!


  6. Gorgeous dress, it looks amazing!

  7. That dress is fierce! And on you...even more so! You look absolutely phenomenal, my love! Congratulations on such a fabulous win!! :)

  8. Your photos are really creating a special mood.

  9. girl, i got an interview wish me luck, its next wed hopefully they hire me. and if they do first pay check . shoes!!

  10. It looks amazing on you :D

    You lucky thaaang.

    Can't wait to see the full outfit post?

  11. OH and cute new header.

    Some more Kristew eh? :D