Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Got Leid

Last night my best friend and I went to an event I was invited to hosted by Lord & Taylor, Elite Model Management and Kahuna Creations Longboards that was celebrating the launch of Elite Longboards shaped by Kahuna Creations. Although the evening started off with my friend and I making a mad dash to get inside due to the heavy downpour, it was overall a fantastic night. The party was on the rooftop of Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave, and just as we arrived the rain stopped and allowed us to enjoy our drinks outside. It was a tropical feel inside, not just because of the humidity, but rather upon entering we were all "leid". The live band was very much enjoyable and the longboard creations were amazing, each designed with their own unique images. There were even some people testing out the longboards and riding around the deck. I wanted to take a ride but I feared heels, miniskirt and wheels didn't make for a good combo. I passed. Here are some pictures from the evening:

One of our favorite designs of the longboards.

A whole bunch of cool ones hanging on the walls.
My best friend and I. She's wearing a Forever21 skirt and top paired with a vintage leather blazer and Balenciaga bag. I'm wearing a Gap white tank, black tank that I wear as a skirt, AA hoodie, Dana Buchman oversized blazer and my mom's vintage magazine clucth. Everyone thought I was carrying a magazine around, but nope, it was a bag. Plus my own beaded charm bracelets.
Me and some longboards. You can see I wrapped my lei around my arm; too itchy for my neck.

My best friend with some more.

Overall a really fun and entertaining night. My friend who invited me to the event was so cute plus she introduced me to her boss as her "blogger" friend, so this article is for you. Love you!


  1. Very cute blazer, I need one like that!