Monday, June 22, 2009

Got the Blues

So it's still abnormally rainy in nyc. Pretty sure it's been almost three weeks since I last saw the sun. Kind of depressing. Lately all I want to wear is a hoodie and leggings. But this past weekend I had to ditch my uniform and get out of bed to go out. I first had one of my close friend's birthday party and then my sisters Black and White party the next night. This weekend I was running on about 6 hours of sleep total. Not too fun. I didn't end up wearing a white dress with a black jacket to the party like I initially wanted to because rain and white dresses don't mix well. I ended up with an all black ensemble. Not much of a stretch for me. Oh yeah but I did want to do one color accessory and thought it'd be fun to wear colorful star sunglasses. They were infant size and barely fit but funny.

(Dana Buchman Blazer and H&M dress)
Anyway I found this pic of Ashley Olsen in the city and even though she's dressed down I really like the outfit. You wouldn't believe that this picture was taken in June from the way she's dressed. I swear this weather is just not fair. I really like her flowy lightweight white pants and if anyone knows what they are do share.

Hope everyone had a good father's day.

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  1. i love that picture of ashley.

    your dress looks so cute!