Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's Get Soakin' Wet

Nyc finally has been maintaining some beautiful weather. Thank goodness. Seriously have been laying out in my backyard for about five days in fear that this weather will soon disappear. After the weather we've had here lately, you'd be too. So anyway, I'm kind of just relaxing this summer and taking it easy. So I haven't been posting as much, but yay this is my 50th post =). Kind of a big deal for me since this started off as a class assignment.

Anyway Lilo celebrated her 23rd birthday in Vegas along with the launch of Sevin Nyne (her tanning spray) and she's been getting flack for looking like a hobo. But I actually like the outfit that she wore for the "blue" carpet. It was probably 100 degrees out so I can't blame her for wanting to wear something light. I really like her shredded tee (sorry the pic isn't the best) and she's wearing the still lustworthy Alex Wang fringe booties.

Later throughout the party she changed into several bikinis. One was a hot red bandage bikini...really cool. But this one in the pic above has to be my favorite. I wish I knew the brand. I love the 60's feel with the highwaist yet it still looks incredibly modern. Plus that kind of bottom would definitely hide my problem areas. I think she looks great. I haven't really been bathing suit shopping because I thought we were going to have bad weather all summer but now that the sun is finally back I need some cute bikinis. I prefer bandeau tops with some sort of ruffle (that style is typically great for small chested girls).

I'm usually a VS type of girl but have recently come across some great bathing suits at Target for like 30 bucks. Insane. Ugh enough typing, I need to jump in the pool asap.
xx stay cool bbs


  1. i saw this on another blog and people were bitching about her, and so i said chill out , i think she looks allright here,
    your right vegas right now its like hell hot!
    if i was her i shouldve just worn my bikini,=)
    to hell with haters!!!and viva LILO!

  2. congrats on your 50th post, lovee! that's exciting! i love lilo, despite all of her issues. i LOVE LOVE that swimsuit she's wearing. that's stunning.

    i agree, target has some great swimwear sometimes! i'm really loving betsey johnson and juicy swimwear too (but that's out of my price range!)

  3. Love her bikini, very sixties like the one Ursula wore in Dr.No.

  4. she looked great, i really loved the shoes and of course the shredded shirt was lovely. that is an awesome bikini! xx

  5. i like the bathing suit a lot

  6. Ahh, gosh, same here is Cambridge. After a week of grayness, it's finally sunny today =). Yes, Target is very good. If they only had the rioght fit for me.. Ahh. So jealous of those of you who can wear it =)

  7. I really love Lindsay Lohan. I'm working so hard to get my hair that long ha I know it's probably extensions but a girl can dream can't she?