Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Gun Show

I just got home from a face-off with my enemy: The Dentist. Ugh...I HATE the dentist. The smell, the sounds. Everything about that office just makes me cringe. But really, who likes the dentist? Not a sane person at least. And yep I had a cavity but he said to me that he thinks I'm brave enough to not be numbed. Um second time he's done that and OUCH!!! One of the worst pains ever.

So now I went straight back to bed browsing online for things to order. And speaking of brave, I kept thinking about muscles and how I'm trying to workout but don't want to bulk up (seriously I use three pound weights...I'm a light weight). That, naturally, led to me look at some muscle tees. I normally hate anything without longish sleeves but I saw this Alexander Wang muscle tee (pic above) and really like it. I also found this from Forever21 and since we all know by now my love for 90's, it's perfect.

I just think there's something cool and a bit masculine about wearing a tank like these, especially paired with ripped skinny jeans and chucks during the day or I would even pair it with some heels for a night in the city if I was just going to a bar. Aside from the Forever21 one (which I will most certainly be ordering) I really want to order this one from Singer22. From the picture, it looks so good on Kate Bosworth.

Anyway the weather here has been under constant cloudy skies for nearly two weeks. I thought it was June? But I did get my hat from Topman yesterday and I love it. (Even though I did make one myself that I wear all the time out of a hood from an old sweater.) I didn't even realize when I found this website that it's Topshop for men. Silly me.

Hope everyone is having better weather than nyc has been having.
ps-has anyone been to this website It's hysterical. Yet a little dangerous as I can be reading it and then look at the clock and be confused about where the time has gone.


  1. I hate the doctor the same way you hate the dentist. Sorry about that, scary stuff!

  2. LOL. my dentist is a really nice woman, though. xp so i've never hated a dentist. :)

  3. i feel the same way about texts from last night! have you seen postcards from yo momma:
    click carefully, there's a good chance you'll lose an hour of your life reading through them.

    and i say go for it with the muscle t-shirt.