Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Update Update

So a mini continuation from the last post:
Today my bff and I were in the city doing a little shopping and saw a bunch of trailers for a film set. I quickly realized what film it was for and yup Remember Me. Unfortunately it was absolutely down pouring and they were packing up to leave. I did pass by a few trailers but no rpatz siting. I was too nervous and ashamed to hang outside his trailer drenched. Errr I don't think I'd ever show my face again doing that hehe.

After some more shopping around, I read my twitter and found a whole bunch of gossip going on that he was at some bookstore (that I stopped at before) and was mobbed by some fans and paparazzi and was grazed by a cab. So yes I was in the same air space as him. Should I be sad that he nearly got hit by a cab or the fact that I missed it? No no I do have a heart. It may be a black heart sometimes but I assure you it's there. =)

So that was one downer of the day. The next downer: I found an awesome ACDC muscle tee at Forever21 and I go to checkout the cashier tells me the shirt is on recall and wouldn't sell it to me. Are you KIDDING??? No joke. I was almost ready to complain to the head honchos of F21 bc I was so pissed. Maybe some free shit? Mmmm tempting.

Hope you all are having better weather than the monsoon weather we had in nyc. At least my Hunter Wellies came in handy. I need summer back.

MAJOR UPDATE: I woke up this morning to find twitters that he is currently filming on a beach. Hmm I live on a beach and what do you know I look outside my window and see a bunch of trailers. Yes I went to the filming and saw him. Bunch of girls right now camped outside his trailer. I'm just hanging in my house which he is more than welcome to join me =) Here's my only decent pic. I forgot I left the color on b&w.
cannot believe he's filming in my neighborhood. After I missed him yesterday. WOWzaaa


  1. That's really cool! Seem to be a bit calmer there compared to when he filmed in the city, so that must be nice. Hope you get to see him a lot more! You maybe run in to him or something if you're lucky hehe:)

  2. thats really cool!!! hope they stay filming a lot haha :)

  3. hahha that is awesome!
    i personally don't like him that much BUT i guess he could be cute sometimes hahhah
    you should take more pics!!!