Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's See Them Curves

I usually get into phases where I want to wear the same thing over and over again. That also applies to my "going out" outfits; meaning my outfits when I'm in the city when I'm at a club or bar. And lately that's been wearing something form fitting with a open button down over it. But most people that know me know I don't really own anything form fitting because I pretty much went nuts and decided my entire wardrobe has to be oversized. Literally everything is huge. I remember when I studied abroad and told my mom that I was gaining too much weight she asked me if my clothes still fit and I go yeah but that's because everything is huge. Haha. Not funny anyway...

I've been sticking to my comfy flannels and a denim shirt that I found buried in my mom's closet from Bergdorfs circa who knows how many years and basically have been pairing them either with my tight jeans (only thing I wear tight are my jeans..that's a must for me) and a tank. But this passed weekend I wanted to go the body con dress route and of course I don't own any. So I improvised and paired a tight black tank with a tight mini to give the illusion of a tight black dress. But I'm bored of that and want suggestions for a body con dress. (Even though I don't think my body is necessarily ready to be "con" but eff it.)

I like this one from Forever21's sister site Heritage1981. But I'd rather do all black than a print. Of course everyone and their mom owns the American Apparel one but seriously the only thing that has stopped me from buying it is the scooped out back. I don't know I don't think I'd go without a bra in something so tight and I love to go braless because I can. But it does seem perfect for what I'm looking for. It even comes in tank style.

So share your thoughts.

xx grazie


  1. i own this dress in black and purple:

    it has small cap-ish sleeves, but they're not bad at all. i have large-ish arms and i can wear them fine. i have a picture on my chictopia if you want to see:

    it's form fitting but avoids the low back. i definitely recommend it. (i do have to wear some pretty crazy high-waisted "slimmer" undies from target with it to avoid lines, but that's the case with any tight-fitting dress, i guess.)

  2. i love girls with curves! really. because, i think it's nicer than those anorexic models, they make us fear them! they're so skinny til we can see the bones underneath the skin.. aww.. i hate it when i see them.. it's like, you neglected your body to be skinnier, and that hair-thin body isn't that great!


  3. h&m has some really great form fitting black body con dresses right now. you should check them out!