Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jailhouse Rocks

One of my best friends, Marley, recently took up knitting. She came out to dinner some months ago sporting this adorable multicolored knitted scarf. I couldn't believe she made it. I think I'm savvy with needle work but I could never do that. Right now I'm third on her list of projects to make. I asked for a grey knitted beanie.

Speaking of knitting I was browsing through Topshop. com (can you believe I still have yet to visit the one in soho...shame on me) and found some adorable short sleeve cropped knitted sweaters. It seems to contradict itself...short sleeve-cropped-sweater? Whatever. Spotted the gorgeous MK (with her equally gorg boyfriend) wearing one of Topshop's knitted sweaters but in dress version. (Or is it a dress becuase she's so mini?) I love sweater dresses although I have yet to wear my Charlotte Ronson sleeveless sweater dress. But that's besides the point.

I really love this (the one MK is wearing in cropped) and this one. I used to hate horizontal stripes for fear of looking wide but I like the whole jailhouse look. I think these will definitely come in handy once summer comes to end. Err how could I think such has finally got back some decent weather. I shudder at the thought of summer ending now.

Anyway, thanks for your comments about the body con dress. I really appreciate it. =)

rip mj...always an icon now a legend.


  1. Love that MKO pic with her boyf. And of course the one day I went to NYC last week was when it rained! I did make it to Topshop and loved it! You should def. go soon. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    xo, Becs

  2. i made a grey beanie this year, it was like the 1st think i ever made! i hope your comes out cute!

  3. i love MK. i think she always look so cool/cute/awesome. i learned to knit recently too, but i don't think i'll ever be able to make a sweater. only scarves!

  4. oh girl, i wanna go to topshop so bad too, but i know if i go i will go crazy !
    i love those sandals that shes wearing!

  5. aaah i love that sweater too! you should definitely ask your friend to knit a sweater like that one