Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mmm The Smell of....Old?

Yesterday I had an unsuccessful day at the mall with my mom and sister but decided that I cannot go home empty handed. I've recently started reading some fashion blogs (especially Childhood Flames, she is amazing) and a lot of other bloggers rave about what great finds they manage come out with when they go "thrifting". I've always loved vintage tee shirts, especially old concert tees, but I never considered myself a real vintage shopper. When I think of shopping in the city I don't really think vintage shopping. I'm more of a 5th Ave. type of a girl. But reading all these other blogs has really got me keen on the idea of finding one of a kind pieces even if they have been used.

So after the mall I asked my mom if she'd mind if we took a stop to the local Salvation Army. It was kind of strange at first because I have donated there before and it was weird looking through all the old stuff. My sister couldn't get out of there fast enough. I've been wanting a man's oversized cardigan for a while and the first thing I find through the crazy amount of racks was a large multicolored oversized cardigan for 8 bucks.
Then I browsed through some of the women's racks and found some amazing oversized blazers. (As you can tell by now I'm into oversized menswear, it's my thing.) First I found this gorgeous Christian Dior white blazer that fit beautifully. But I can't be that lucky right? Right, there was a huge ink stain on the back that left the jacket unsalvageable. Not giving up, I then found this great light pink oversized blazer that fit perfectly. (Plus it was half off and came out to only $4.50...insane!)

My sister was getting restless so my mom suggested we finish this another time. I was perfectly content with my two findings. I now have an appreciation for thrift stores and totally understand why all the other fashion bloggers out there rave about thrifting. Granted it's not going to be a hit everytime but definitely worth the walk through. I told my best friend about my little rendevous and can't wait to take her. Hopefully I can get some decent pictures of my findings so you can see what I'm talking about.

Like Peter Allen once sang "Everything old is new again!"


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