Monday, April 13, 2009

Carried Away With Florals

Yesterday I decided to spend my Sunday night curled up in bed, ice cream in hand while watching Sex and The City The Movie for the umpteenth time. It really doesn't get much better. I've been a devoted fan to the series before it became "cool" to recite Carrie's one-liners. I began watching it from the premiere of the very first episode and it became a ritual to watch it every Sunday night laying in my mom's bed. So it was very traumatic for my mom and I when the series ended. Thankfully I have every season on dvd (which came in to great use living abroad in Florence last year and not having TV for several months) and the movie version as well. Plus I bought my mom this awesome book full of pictures of all the outfits from the movie and the designers.

So last night while falling in love with the characters and clothes all over again, I realized Spring is here and I don't have that staple piece in my wardrobe that is such a HUGE theme in the movie: FLORALS! The beginning part of the movie, Carrie is dressed in a bunch of different floral dresses. Different colors, different shapes; edgy, girly etc. Maybe it's a subliminal message (granted I did run out and buy a large studded belt after I saw the film) but Hey, I want florals.

Being unable to go out and shop as much as I'd like, I resorted to browsing online. The showroom where I work has been getting in great summery pieces from Chalotte Russe. I'm typically not their number one fan but their new pieces are extremely cute and thought it can't hurt to look. And lo and behold, what do I find: a fabulous floral dress. I cannot get enough of this Rose Strapless Dress ($32.99). It's not only florals, but it's black too (anyone that knows me knows I'm not a huge color fan). And the shape! Aside from being strapless, the shape is almost identical to Carrie's vintage red and white dress. It's girly and fun for a summer day yet can easily transform into a night out dress with black pumps (maybe even my studded belt to make it a little edgier).

All in all, a great find. I'm definitely going to go to my local Charlotte Russe to see if it's in stock, if not then that's one more package I'll be waiting for.



  1. I liked the show and loved the movie. Would never watch it with my mom, though. (Bad visual, lol) But their clothes and shoes are bad ass.

  2. Oh I loved the movie which I have on dvd too. I wish I did have the past seasons as well. That would be awesome. I used to watch it every Sunday too with my mom even though I was twelve. I still watch the older episodes. I <3 Sex and the City. I love the dress by the way it's perfect for the season Charlotte Russe always has really good finds, prices, and clothes. I also went to Florence too a few years ago to study Italian with my friend, Marisa too. Isn't it beautiful?