Friday, April 17, 2009


I may not be a big color fan when it comes to my wardrobe, but when it comes to my nails: Bring on the Color! My basic wardrobe consists mainly of neutrals. It's not that I'm afraid to wear color, I just prefer not to. Give me an edgy LBD over a vibrant cocktail dress any day. But my love for black sometimes has people mistaken me for part of the Addam's family. (But hey I kind of like that.) So what's a girl got to do to get a little color in her life? Nails Nails Nails!

I love the traditional dark nail polishes like Essie's Wicked and even Chanel's Black Satin. But as the warm weather creeps in slowly, I'm all about bright nail colors. My family and friends know all about my love for nail polishes. I have a crazy collection of about every color you can think of. Purple? Got it. Yellow? Got it. Hot bubblegum pink? Got it. I love to do my own nails not because it saves me the trip to the nail salon but it actually relaxes me being able to do it myself. As well as sewing by hand, but that's a different story.
So after flipping through some magazines and looking at my chipped dark nails, I began to think about what color next. That's when I came across IT! Pictures from Chanel's most recent runway shows where the models wore MINT GREEN nail polish. I Die! Quickly realizing that mint green might actually be the one color I do not have, I made an immediate dash to the drugstore. No luck, no mint green in sight. It can't just be any green due to the chance of it looking like fungus (I've been there, I was too optimistic about a crazy neon glow in the dark green once, not pretty).
Finally today after a trip to target, I found mint green. It's Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear and it's actually called Lime Lights. It's definitely mint green but it's a little more shimmery than I'd like. It'll do for now.

So if you're like me and need a little help incorporating some color into your life this summer: paint your nails and GO GREEN!

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