Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Denim Jacket

Just as I was about to give my mom my denim jacket to get rid of I took a second look. I tried it on again and thought in the words of Tim Gunn I think I can "make it work." And I am so glad I did. This was several months ago, you know, before the Weather Channel said to expect 70 degree weather this weekend (YES!). Now that the warm weather is finally inching its way in to NYC, I can't help but notice the revival of the classic denim jacket. Whether it's professional business women walking to the office or hipsters downtown for a night out; the denim jacket is definitely in and I'm kind of loving it.
Recently Nicole Richie was spotted at an event for Esprit and Richie Madden Children's Foundation sporting the classic denim jacket, appropriately named the Cool Stretch Jeans Jacket by Esprit. And it doesn't break the bank, only costing $89.50. I absolutely love the way she paired it with a maxi dress, perfect for Spring weather. Another option with a similar look is H81 Distressed Denim Jacket from Forever21. And that one will only run you $29.90. You can't go wrong.
Another way I've been seeing people wear the denim jacket is with mini-skirts and basic tees. It definitely gives off that young and fresh vibe. When it gets warmer pair that with gladiator sandals and you're good to go. But if you don't feel comfortable walking around in a mini, black leggings definitely works well too. Note: Do not wear leggings with a tee (or buttoned down) that does not cover up appropriate areas. Hint Hint. Yes I'm a big fan of leggings (especially now since my options are limited due wearing a brace on my leg for several weeks) but it's a big glamour no-no walking around in leggings and shirt above the waist (unless you're at the gym, even then I wouldn't).

The most important thing to remember when it comes to wearing the denim jacket is: relax. Denim in general is all about that relaxed feel. You should never feel too stuffy in it and that includes the denim jacket. So find a fit that works for you (mine is by Gap from several seasons ago) and have fun with it. Ie: pop the collar, roll up the sleeves, anything goes. I'm considering putting some studs on mine.

The denim jacket is back this season and there's definitely one out there for you, even if it is already in the back of your closet screaming for you to wear it.


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