Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fringe DIY

Browsing through some of my favorite websites for a little online shopping therapy, I came across one of my new favorite brands. Wildfox/Whitehorse Couture. (Still waiting for one of my tops I ordered from the brand to arrive.) Looking through some of the newer items I found the adorable Wild Spirit Fringe Tank. It reminds me of something I definitely wore in the 90's when my mom would dress me in oversized tees and neon leggings.

Ready to order this top I thought 'hey, I can do this myself!' Even though what's great about this brand is that it doesn't break the bank, I thought I'd add another project on my DIY list. I just started shredding an old pair of TopShop skinnies. They're already looking cute.

So how to DIY this top? I'm about to experiment just like anyone else would. There are no restrictions. I'm going to start with a Hanes tee first before I cut up one of my tank tops and see what happens when I cut the fabric (ie: shredding of the threads). I'll start cutting vertical slits about two inches and go from there.

Will let you know how it turns out!


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  1. If I knew how to do what you do, girl's birthday presents would be so much cheaper