Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Stud

It's funny, sometimes I think that I'm just ahead of my time. I swear I think of some things that I want to wear or just have and people call me crazy. Remember brastrap headbands? Yea there was a time when they were cool. But before they were cool and trendy, I was wearing them and I remember a friend asking me "Why are you wearing a bra on your head?" Hello!!!! It's a bra STRAP, not an actual BRA! Sheesh. Remember Tamagotchi's? Admit it, you know you had one. Mine was purple with pink buttons. But the thing is: I had mine about a year before everyone I knew had one. My mom came home with it one day and said it was going to be the next "it" thing. It took a while but eventually it was.

And now what's everywhere? STUDS STUDS STUDS!!! I specifically remember last summer being bored with a pair of my cutoff denim shorts and decided to spruce them up a little bit. So I dug in the craft closet in my house (Yup I have one) and found some awesome silver pyramid studs. I studded the back pockets. My sisters thought it was too weird and too punk for me, but I thought and still think they're awesome. Now flip through any fashion magazine, one of the hottest trends this season is studs, on everything! Bags, jeans, shoes, jackets etc. Look at MK Olsen's fabulous Alexander Wang Studded Leather Bag. I die! Not to mention Ashley's gorgeous studded Balenciaga belt. Wowza!

Seeing all these studs really gets me inspired to stud practically everything I own. I recently came across one blogger's DIY project of studding her old combat boots similiar to these Free People boots. They are to die for. Love them. Wear them with skinnies like in the picture or even a sleek black mini with a denim jacket. Definitely pair them with something with a girly flare or you can end up looking too masculine.

I also found these bad boys at Singer22 and am now considering studding my beat up black chucks or just buying a new pair of high tops. Especially since these kicks on Singer run for $550 and I can buy a new pair for about $50 and buy the studs at my local craft store.

Wow there really are so many different possibilities in my closet that can use a little spruce up with some studs. Just more to do on my DIY list. Right now finishing up on my own handmade maxi skirt but that's another post.

Get stud crazy!
ps- This takes studs to the next level...LUVzz

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