Sunday, April 26, 2009


So after the inspiration post, I thought I'd share some of my latest inspiration. Lately I've been into the whole grunge thing. Well maybe not "lately", it's kind of been a phase I haven't grown out of yet. (Not sure I ever will.) I love the whole '90's grungey look. What I mean by grunge are plaid flannels, ripped jeans, bleached denim (shirts included), chucks, oversized baggy tees, leather, etc. I love everything about the cool laidback look. Plus it gives me an excuse to be messy with my hair. (My friends think I'm weird but I never brush my hair, only when I get out of the shower.) This doesn't mean I don't have my frou frou side, but I'm definitely more grungey when it comes to my everyday style. So enjoy some of my favorite pics as of late.
(lindsay my absolute new fave kristen stewart)

(kstew again + nikki reed...can we just admire her skeleton gloves)

(swoon...robert pattinson)

(the ultimate...johnny depp)

(can't have too much teen spirit...erin wasson)
(mk olsen...a grunge style icon in her own right)

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