Thursday, July 1, 2010

i'll meet you someday

My credit card hates me. I will stay up late night ordering shit. Sale? I'm there. Whatever. This was one of my smaller purchases so no biggie. Another new romper from f21 plus I also just bought some tunic dress that's buried in a bag somewhere. I went back to black. I'll never change. How cool are my new herman munster shoes? Kinda acne-ish? No? Whatever. They're intense, cheap & I love them. The clunking sounds they make is rhythm to my ears. Oh saw Eclipse yesterday (like you had any doubts). So so good. By far the best one...but I will always have a place in my heart for twilight & it's blue hue. Just wanted to mount EC the entire movie. But seriously it was great...much better writing this time around. Now when does BD come out?


  1. i saw this wedges and i thought to buy them,
    and my husbands credit card hates me too hahahh
    so cute i always love what you got
    and when i hear twilight i think of you!!!!
    let me know if they are comfys!

  2. hahha i just read your comment, that would be awesome me and my friend dream of the day!!
    i leave this sat morning
    and i forgot to tell you , i got the AA dress sweatheart shape i guess, i dontknow hahhah
    with the sheer top with sleeves.
    ill make sure to take photos,ill try because once i start drinking i forget about photos

  3. i'd add some silver to the bottom of those so they'd resemble the jeffrey campbells ;)


  4. lovely shoes and cool outfit ak

    ak i am also animal lover
    but i love them when they are in forest

    nice post dear take care
    have great day

  5. I love those shoes!! I saw them in the store but they didn't have my size grrr

  6. Ah, I am OBSESSED with your new shoes. AND...all your talk about "Twilight" is making me think that I need to see the movies - and read the books!! :)

  7. So cool!!! I love the shoes, they're gorgeous!

  8. Great shoes!;)

  9. My credit card hates me too!! the shoes btw.that's really cool.


  10. online sales are haunting me as well..they seem to be calling my name every night :)
    the herman munster shoes are definitely HOT!

    eclectic du jour

  11. Ahh those do look like acne

    i'ma gonna google em

    see if i can afford LOL =___=

    wanted the acne wedge boots for a LOOONG time but not willing to spend so much money.

    dunno if i can beg my dad to buy me a pair of these herman munsters online... will try.

    love the romper! rompers are great, love em.

    haha NY has been my dream! but i'm a little scared of the big city. i'm a wimp. but i'm definitely going out there one day! don't wanna stay in langley bc all my life!

  12. I would definitely love to see them worn by you!
    And yes, it's very scary staying up late shopping. It gets out of control!

  13. gorgeous romper and damn, those lace up wedge babies are amazing!

  14. Love those fricken shoes and that romper! Your credit cart may hate you but.....I would have to say it was well worth it! hhaha