Monday, July 5, 2010

she was made to blow you away

Hope all my US readers had a happy 4th and an enjoyable long weekend. I hung out with family and roasted. Yup I'm no longer vampy pale. Also watched my neighbors set off massive amounts of fireworks. Right now just bored and sleepy...went for a run today and nearly passed out. I am not in shape. Hanging around in a pair of h&m harem pants and unburied my AA cropped tee that I'm too chicken shit to wear in public. Even though I dig the cropped tee look with the baggy pants. Hmm some more running is needed. And yup that's my mane in all its natural glory.


  1. Your hair looks hot ;)... mine has me sweating lately!

  2. you know me i love these cropped tops

    and hey you look great in them! i don't see why you're afraid to wear them out cuz srsly that top looks so chic and comfy on you

    i actually love your hair. wish mine was curly. or wavy at least.

  3. aren't cropped tees just perfect for summer?


  4. your top is gorge (:

    love your blog,

    stop by mine sometime?


  5. hi ak

    how are u doing

    ak whats play for the day


  6. Love the cropped tee & love your hair!

  7. I LOVE your AA Cropped Tee. I have a few myself, but, like you, am petrified to wear them out of the privacy of my own bedroom! :P

  8. Cropped top were made for your body honey!


  9. honey, i look darker than before and my legs are different color from my arms and face
    it was hotter than hell 110 ill say
    and i was burning and drunk all the way hahahha
    anyways i think you look good wearing the crop i think you should wear it
    my belly is not that flat and i wear tha!

  10. Well, you look like you're in a great shape!!!

  11. Love the crop top.. I myself got a little color over the weekend. Glad you had a nice time

  12. I have been considering a crop top for...well forever, I could only wear oe with a high waisted skirt, but then it really isn't all that crop topish.

  13. I have two of those AA crops, they're great! And why are you too chicken? You look really great in one! + Thanks for the sweet comment, your a real doll!
    Panda xx

  14. haaha the outfit was 'failed' cause that was the only shot that turned out ;) i love crop tee's for summer, the absolute best! and yess you should deffs wear one out girl, you can so pull it off x