Monday, June 28, 2010

cause your soul is in heaven

Quick post today...exhausted after running around the city in the sweltering heat. It was not ok being in all black today. The result was actual drippage. Yeah I'm gross..we know. Anyway clearly stewy didn't get the crazy nyc heat memo either and stuck to all black while taping letterman today. But hot damn is that herve leger a stunner or what? And the new red/blonde locks. Um dye bottle where are you?

But obviously stew topped the letterman look with this GOREGOUS Roland Mouret dress at the nyc eclipse screening. Granted she must be experiencing some drippage like I was this afternoon..but homegirl makes it look good.

Not to mention the adorably fresh braided hairdo. Perfect for this weather. Seriously who of my readers are from nyc? It was not ok outside today. Ick. I wish I could look as flawless. Le sigh. But don't worry she's still yours #krisianca...always #robexa.


  1. Do not complain about heat until you've lived in Texas. Seriously it's like Hell in the summer. I loved the post. Thanks for all the hot Stewy pictures. The braid is perfect. I think we are going to see a lot of girls working the French braid. Love ya bb!

  2. She looks way better in the Roland - hands down!


  3. kstew's looking good (:

    at least the weather's warmer lately!

  4. I'm liking the lighter hair color!

  5. I think I prefer the first outfit and hairstyle.

  6. I love the last picture of her - she looks gorg!! :)

  7. i love it all, and i think this color of her really suits her
    she looks hot wearing this dress
    i want it hahha
    anyways yes i always have to be naked when peeing cuz i dont wear a bra and so you know how it goes pull the whole thing down when wearing a jumpsuit!
    they should have little closures on the bottom like babys clothes hahahha

  8. I really like her new look, this hair style suits her very well.