Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i fight outwards in this world

It's a shitty day in the city but this sweater makes me smile. It's one of my favorite, super soft Wildfox pullovers despite how cheesy the smileys are. I can't actually wear this out right now bc it's a tad chilly and the rain would make the shorts even more see through. No bueno. These are the same shorts I wore in the last post but in nude. They're from UO & I'm in love. They were exactly what I wanted in the pj-look shorts (I bought three pairs total like these...the other two are black). Hoping to wear them out soon prob paird with a dirty tee and clogs. Also wearing my new Deena & Ozzy sandals from UO. They're pewter so I'm proud I stayed away from black although I do need a pair of black sandals asap. I plan to keep on smiling & continue with my favorite quote....this too shall pass.


  1. I wish Wildfox would have more sales cause I would love to have a bunch of their sweaters & tanks!!


  2. I love the sweater. Really sweet and cute. Love your pics too. Totally amazing :)


  3. The pullover isn't cheesy, it's cute! Smileys make the world a nicer place =)

  4. love the shorts and pullover! i swear i saw the same design of tee on some asian-canadian facebook group (girls buy things overseas, ship it here, and sell it through facebook). i was debating whether to get it, but i can't shop online, and i've never facetraded in my life so... ughhh.

    Smiling is good (: Crying, sometimes, is as well. Anyway, that is a good quote. And a good song too.

  5. lovely post looks soo cute its really cute

  6. Ohmigosh seriously...I had stretch shorts in the fourth grade that had the EXACT same smiley-face print all over them. They would have matched perfectly with that sweater! :)

  7. the weather is blah here, its kinda chilly too and those shorts look so cute on you
    i want too, i bet your rocking those ha, they look so comfy
    and yeah i think robert should be kissing you instead of kristen right! ahhah

  8. Those shorts are beautiful - so delicate and the perfect colour!

    The weather here is crap! So cold and cloudy! I feel like summer has come and gone!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  9. What a cute sweater ! Haha . And those shorts are amazing ! :D

  10. the pullover is adorable!
    with all those happy faces it sure would brighten anyone's day :)

    eclectic du jour

  11. That sweater is so cute! Love it!

  12. I LOVE Your sweater, its so gorgeous.
    Hope the sun is shining wherever you are, and thanks for your sweet sweet comment.
    Panda Loves you!
    panda xxx

  13. Have a nice weekend!:)