Sunday, June 13, 2010

who needs anything

Sundays are not my friend. I don't think I need to elaborate. Celebrated one of my best friend's brother's bday last night (hence the sunday=not friends). Had a good time hanging out with the usual suspects. Wore a Zara high neck black tank that I bought in in Florence (it's not special I just like saying I bought it in Florence...I miss those days). Paired it with one of my three new silky shorts from UO. You can see in the photo that they have a wavy cutout on the hem. I'm waiting for the photos from last night to surface however I'm sure I'll be inclined to share. =/ Also wore my clogs again and I have never tripped so much in my life. It's normal for me to fall flat on my face in flats being an uber klutz & I usually walk better in heels (higher the better) but not last night. My ankles are paying for it now. Do you like my Edward Scissorhands mane in the last pic? Hope everyone had a good wknd. Looking forward to a concert of my one of my fave brits this week....hint hint marl & er!


  1. hope you had a good weekend!! & loved the edward scissorhands pic hehe

    Anna Katrina

  2. Ahaha, Edward Scissorhands, I actually was thinking of exactly that when I saw the photo!

  3. Aww sorry to hear that you tripped :( Love the photos anyway :D

  4. Sorry to hear about the tripping; at least you looked fabulous, right? I find that I fall more when I'm in bare feet or flats than when I wear wedges myself. Isn't it ironic? :P

  5. nice necklace looks beautiful

  6. omg how high were those heels? did you laugh after you fell? thats what i do .
    but anyways love those shorts i think i saw them online
    they are really cute. hows the weather over there
    and i was thinking since i need money i think i might be selling things out of my closet.
    hows your etsy store going?
    and yeah i need to go to downtown los angeles to get a bootleg , thank you for remindim me that i can do that!
    btw you look gorgeous here, love your hair!

  7. love that bib necklace! gotta get myself a gorgeous statement one like that x

  8. Beautiful photos, beautiful girl :]
    Love your blog, and thanks for the super sweet comment!
    panda xx