Friday, June 25, 2010

falling in love for the last time

My new favorite summer item....and it's NOT black! One point me! Got this adorable strapless romper from the heritage section in forever21 a few weeks back. It's navy and pink and such a stretch for me considering it's super fem. But I still bought it in a size too big for me just to make sure I still have some of the oversized feel. Aright...I'm just happy it's not black...I can't give up black AND oversized. That's way overboard. Just ordered another romper from f21 but this time in black.

And yup the LA eclipse premiere was last night. I swear I melted when I spoted RP in a maroon Gucci suit. Only a real man can pull of maroon & look this sexy and masculine. Of course I'm in love with Stewy's Elie Saab's dress. The back is even hotter. And yes taylor looks cute too.


  1. I love a man in a deep maroon - so haute. You were there last night? Awesome!


  2. I love your pics, very cool!

  3. Love that romper ! Looks great on you ! I really can't wait to watch Eclipse ! Aww .

  4. You look gorg in that romper! I basically live in Forever 21 rompers myself - they are phenom!! :)

  5. I admit, Robert looks REALLY good in that maroon suit, indie rock star style. If he could only add Wayfarers to that look, sigh.

  6. That is such a cute item for summer =) You did well snagging it.
    And yes, that maroon suit is pretty cool too.

  7. hi ak you are blog is cool nice post

    cool outfit

    happy weekend dear

  8. gorgeous! rompers > dresses for suree :) anndd yes, the back of kristen's dress was amazing!

  9. oh i want that romper and also how do we manage to go to the bathroom? hahhah
    i have 2 bodysuits and i barely wear them because im too lazy to pull the whole thing down and all that but i think since this romper its loose would be easier for you.
    looks so good on you!
    im like you , i alwyas go for one size up!
    and yes i saw this dress too,
    amazing, im liking her style more and more