Wednesday, June 16, 2010

about a ghost who wouldn't come back home

Last night the girls and I went to see Bobby Long perform at Highline Ballroom. As some of you may know I have this crush on these few british musicians that are all buddies and I try to see them perform whenever they are in nyc. Luckily my bffs indulge me with my crush. Bobby, who cowrote a song for the twilight soundtrack, was amazing. He performed for the first time ever with his new band but also did some solo old school songs. The opening acts were pretty good as well. It was funny when my buddy er discovered a few degrees separation of knowing the first act last night & came back 15 bucks poorer when she went to talk to him. At least she got his cd signed. Facebook is really helpful in those cases.


Bobby and the band.

marl, me and er.

How cool is this photo with bobby on stage in the background? Such a fun night of just listening to good music and being our silly selves. Best quote of the night: Marl: aw bobby looks cute with his glasses and long hair!....Me: NOT BOBBY!!!!! Hahah I love you.

xx happy birthday mom


  1. thats cool! love your blog!

  2. I can't say there is anything more fun than enjoying great live music with close friends! And it doesn't hurt that you get to swoon over the musicians =)

  3. that looked like so much fun!
    bobby looks cute, tho all i can see is his profile haha. i'll search up his music

    hey i know you like kstew and all, but do you like twilight? just curious (:

    god i haven't been to a concert in ages :/

  4. Great pictures, looked like a fun night!

  5. Looks wise he reminds me a bit of Tyler Hilton; I must check out his music!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mom!! :)

  6. thats so cool ,i love to check out bands ,new bands.
    and she came back 15bucks poorer because she boutht too many drinks or because she bought a cd? hahahha
    i was confused there, but yeah you should get it out there(your shop)
    oh i know, you should put a photo and link it to your shop ,below your about me info!

  7. Great photos!:)

  8. cute, I love that one Twilight song. Is the rest of his music on itunes?

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