Saturday, June 19, 2010

when the lights go out

I'm in love with this outfit (from leflassh). Surprising since there's no black in it...but I'm digging the neutrals obviously the comfort of it. Nothing really going on aside from the fact that nyc finally has beauitful weather again and of course my face is burnt. But tonight we are starting the celebrations early for er's birthday. Planning to wear my Reed dress from chickdowntown pretty much bc my mom and sister teamed against me saying I need to dress more girly...less hobo. They're betting I won't do it.

P.s. these pics of lilo came out and I fell in love with the outfit and need someone to identify her top!!!! The cutout back...faboosh! See every piece here is baggy yet I think is still feminine & sexy (as well as the pic above) that just me? Or is sexy only in body hugging clothes....discuss.
xx happy early bday er


  1. baggy can be sexy and feminine. sometimes certain tight body-hugging clothes are just plain gross on a girl.

    lilo looks amazing! her hair is blond again. which looks super nice on her.

    i read the first chp of the host! i didn't really like it, and then my friend told me she didn't like it either so i stopped reading = =

    twilight, the movies, aren't as bad as twilight the books. i can stand watching 2 hrs of a twi movie, but i can't stand reading twibooks for 2 hrs in a row hahaha

    yerr stephanie meyer is dumb. don't like her writing style.

  2. you should make a photo with your etsy shop name or whatever you wanna put and upload it to photobucket or whatever you use and then on dashboard go to your desing option,choose add a gadget and choose html and then copy and paste the photobucket link .
    if you need more help just let me know!

  3. beautiful sweater looks awesome

  4. Awesome pics! Love it<3

  5. Ah, I so love the first look - I would definitely be willing to rock that! :)

  6. I love both of those outfits too :)

  7. I can't tell you who the top is by, however I know that Victorias Secret on line has had similar tops to that; and I have been TEMPTED. I think they are fem yet daring, soft while still bold. I love them.
    I have some tops that aren't skin tight, but cut close to the body with some flow; my boyfriend likes those a lot.

  8. Hiya!
    I totally love this post. Rad pics:0
    Sorry, for the laaaate reply, thanks so much..

  9. <3 that out. i gotta make notes to copy cat it sometime.