Monday, June 7, 2010

and we got so much to share

I feel like I've been kind of blogger MIA. Still in somewhat of a funk which I know I will get over soon. Anyway...the mtv awards last night totally cheered me up. It was surpirsingly hysterical. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman is pure genius. Did you really think I wouldn't girlcrush over whatever stewy was wearing? Yeah didn't think so. Probably one of my favorite dresses of the night (no bias there) was stewy in Dolce. Something about the tweed and the brocade just works.

The incredible sandy. Class act last and seriously bangin' dress. She is so spot on lately...I adore her.

Oh well you know....gahh the smile.

Yup totally sitting in a puddle of drool. Nothing more but to stare.
Figured I show some sort of an outfit since I've been slacking. Me and big sister (yup she's quite mini) on our way out for a friend's bday. It was disgustingly humid in the city. Not a fun hair night especially considering I pretty much chopped it off and it's full of layers. Frizz city. But I love my new hair (esp when people compared it to stewy...I'm actually embarassed that I take these compliments so seriously..but I do.)

Malpal is wearing a white AA skirt with Chinese Laundry lace ups. I'm my new LnA cropped cape top (so light weight amazing) and my new lacey UO shorts that I also have in nude and look like they should be pjs but I don't care. Oh and wore my new clogs. I swear I was a giant even though I'm only 5'4.


  1. I also love what Kristen was wearing ! She looked so chic in that dress ! Haha . Nice post ! :)

  2. I'm so glad Sandra won that award - she definitely deserves it!

  3. Ah, you and your sister are so incredibly adorable.

    Is it sad that I literally forgot the MTV Movie Awards this year? :P

  4. YOU loook awesome, so pretty i wanna see a close up of that hair
    sorry to hear about the job situation i know sux but soon youll find something
    now kristen was really cute wearing that dress i watched the mtv awards but how come they didnt kiss? like it was very awkard right?
    i dont now are they really dating?
    im asking the expert!
    you look hot here!

  5. I think Miss. Twilight's get up would have looked so much better on anyone else. Did you see Eva Mendez's dress? It was way too big for her!! I actually think that Whitney was the best dressed.


  6. Yes, the dress is really pretty though I'm not a big fan of hers (don't throw eggs at me, please!)
    But Robert is killer ...


  7. Wow! Amazing photos, they are all so gorgeous. :0
    Sorry for the late reply to your sweet post,
    Panda xxx