Sunday, April 18, 2010

pretendin' that you're oh so shy

Been having a bad week so the only way to be distracted is to immerse myself in DIY's. Therefore continuing with my spray paint tee shirts I attempted the YSL one thanks a printed image of the logo. Tried to cover the edges with a towel so it wouldn't leak but it ended up leaking on the sides so I just ended up spraying more.

The finished product. I think it came out pretty cool.

Now my wall is quickly becoming filled with stencils. How cute is that rack I just bought to hang up most of my jewelry? You can't really see but I have two dried roses hanging off of it. Mom suggested I spray paint them black. Good thinking.

Oh and just found out I won this dress from chickdowntown. I totally forgot I entered some giveaway on her blog and just saw she tweeted my name. It's called the Saturday Night Dress. It's funky and obviously I requested it in black. Going to lay down now. Just got back from the Yankee game with my sisters. I never wanted a snuggie so badly in my life. It was freezing out. But my boys won so totally worth it...and def helped cheer my sisters and I up. =) Oh and so glad so many of you like my sex pistols tee. Makes me smile.

Oh hello. Yea no words necessary.



  1. ooh i love it. you're pretty handy with that spray paint :D

    if you ever hosted a giveaway, you should totally give away some custom-stencilled shirt. just sayin'. cuz many girls, like me, are affected with can't-DIY-to-save-our-lives-itis. which means we can't DIY to save our lives.

    = =

  2. wow, cool dress. glad it all worked out with the diy. aw, I just saw her in the panic room this weekend.

  3. that is exactly what i do when i am having a bad day... i diy! i love the ysl. i just got overly excited a while back and made a double c stencil and painted just about everything in the house. i can't wait to go get more spray paint. there is so much to do with it!


  4. I hope this week is better for you!

  5. Yayay! Congratulations on winnign that fabulous dress, my love! It is going to look fierce on you! :)

  6. omg that looks amazing!!
    i wish i had the skills to do all this!!
    ill go crazy with the black paint,serioulsy im such a klutz ,i bet i would paint even my face hahha
    but that tee came out amazing!!!!

  7. wow you can start a store online :)

  8. i love that painting you did on the shirt, very creative. But i covet that dress you won. how lucky. congrats! :)

  9. Now I feel inspired, maybe I will make a few tee's mydelf - I did a chanel one a while back, but it turned out tacky.

  10. woah that super is epic. i wish i could make something like that. knowing me, i'd prob eff it up haha.

  11. wow loving your diy projects! Make me one please!! and congrats on winning that dress.

  12. wooaaah, freakin love this!!
    your last couple of DIY's have got me so inspired
    how did you make the stencils?
    and what sorta fabric paint stuff did you use?
    hah sorry for all the questions :)