Wednesday, April 21, 2010

have ya, grab ya till your sore

I bought this sheer button down top a few weeks back. I once saw soem blogger wear it (can't remember who) and fell in love. Saw a top at AA but opted out of buying it. Then saw a replica at h&m and thought why not it was 20 bucks. And now even though it was cheap, kinda regretting getting it because I have no idea how to pull it off. It's soooo not me. I don't typically show skin (aside from wearing mini skirts), I don't even like wearing tank tops for feeling too exposed. And now with this top I feel totally out there. In the photos I put a lace bra underneath and would never ever walk around with just that. Mom suggested just a black cami but for some reason I'm not feeling it. Was thinking about one of those corset lacey whatever bras (which obviously I don't have). So yeah I'm stuck. I really do like the top but yeah I may just have to settle with the fact that it's totally not me.
Anyway, I love love love all the comments complimenting my diy tees. Means a lot to me. Maybe I will do the diy one of these days. Actually heading to the craft store in a little bit for some more goodies.
Oh and mom bought me these pixels that I used to play with as a kid. How cute is this? Also made an "a". Hoping to find some silver chain to put them on.


  1. omg , i want one just like that
    i need to go to h&m hahah
    but i think you look awesome , maybe with some denim cutoffs shorts and some ankle boots
    well, i would wear like that
    but hahhah thats so funny , thats awesome that your mom checks your blog.
    and yeah that music from the era is so much better than todays.

  2. I like this photos they looks o profesional!!

  3. I like your mom's idea of wearing a camisole underneath. Of course, I'm a mom myself...

  4. I've never really worn anything sheer out! There's a school dress code so = = But I think you COULD pull this off! You can be classy and still sexy at the same time! :D

    Thanks for the lovely comment! I'm trying my best to film my audition vid but I keep messing up! Arghhh...

  5. i love the shirt on you... it' s hot! aren't diy's so addicting. i have been averaging about 2 a day. mostly jewerly and t-shirts. girl i know how addictive spray paint is, i just ran out and i'm going crazy. but i also dig painting with fabric paint. now a sharpie i could never do, that would annoy the sh*t out of me. keep posting those lovely diy's sweet thing.


  6. I love the sheer top - maybe if you're not comfortable with the exposure, maybe a top with a wider strap besides a cami? Or even a dress! :)

    And I think those pixels would definitely make an awesome necklace :)

  7. i like that 4th photo, sophisticated :)

  8. I would use a cami like your mom said. I'm with you in terms of showing skin; but that sheer top is heaven!

    Actually...I just bought a few rompers that have spaghetti straps, and as much as I adore them (I've only worn them in the house so far) I literally feel naked when I wear them! Nevertheless, I think they'll work for the summer!! :)

  9. thanks for letting me know :))
    love the chanel pixels, would look sick on a necklace!