Saturday, April 24, 2010

i know you're not afraid

Yesterday my brud and I finally found some time to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA which officially closes on Monday. Unfortunately we didn't anticipate it being completely sold out. Luckly my mom's bff Sandi hooked me up with two staff passes. Normally there's a specific time assigned to each ticket to be able to walk through, we literally went up the entrance and walked right because of the passes we had. So a HUGE thank you to Sandi. I've been such a huge fan of Tim Burton since the first film of his I saw, Batman. My all time favorite scene in any movie is when the Joker and his goons are spray painting the museum. I can watch that over and over again. I was blown away by how cool this exhibit was. Unfortunately there was a no photography allowed rule, but I snuck some on my bberry cam. Bad.

Clay art.

The Batman mask.

This was my ultimate demise in the exhibit. Seeing Edward Scissorhands' They also had catwoman's costume and the angora sweater Johnny Depp wore in Ed Wood. So cool.

Eerily delicious. Sweeny Todd's shaving blades.
Obviously brud and I managed to find ourselves in the kiddies' shape lab.

We spent the day shopping around. I picked up some cute tops at one of my good friend's store, Necessary Clothing. Will post another time. And then we continued our little adventure by strolling up St Marks Place late night...and yup got my nose pierced. I am terrified of needles but totally was fine during this. A little nervous, squeezed brud's hand but no tears. The part that hurt the most was getting the stud in my nose. But sooo worth it. I really love it.
xx happy wknd.


  1. ahh i wanna get my nose pierced! haha

  2. those were not scary, they're funny :) loving your red scarf :)

  3. love the nose piercing and that exhibit looks awesome!


  4. i am waaay jealous!! i would have loved to have seen that, being that close to johnnys edward scissorhand costume... intense!

    and love the nose stud, congrats for taking the dive, you are way braver than me!


  5. Love the nose stud :) I've been thinking of doing the same. And even though that MoMA is a block down from my college, I totally missed out on this exhibit! haha but thanks for sharing photos :)

  6. Ah, lucky! Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors; Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Willy Wonka...all the best creepy films!

  7. Ohmigosh I ADORE that nose stud - you look amazing! I don't know if I'd be able to stand the pain of getting it done myself; but you totally rock it!! :)

  8. Does it get any better than Tim Burton plus Johnny Depp? Only when Shinedown does a song for the soundtrack!

  9. wow I envy you that exposition is my dream! Hope I can go soon

  10. I wish I could see that exhibition - I love Tim Burton!!!!

  11. looks/sounds like a wicked day!
    loving the new header too :)

  12. wow so cool!!!!i wanna see the tim burtons show too
    and the nose stud is so cool
    now i want one!
    yes love this header

  13. oh god the exhibit looks so cool!!!!! ahhhh johnny depp wore that costume!!! used those shaving blades to hack people's throats!!!! hahaha i'm a little depp-obsessed. but i do adore me some timmy b as well.

    i love the piercing! i'm getting one when i graduate.