Thursday, April 15, 2010

you like drugs you like brew

So I did it. I made my very own Sex Pistols tee inspired by The Runaways. It involed a men's hanes tee, black spray paint, a cereal box and my mom's precision knife (that pretty much looks like a scalpel.) My buddy over at Isquisofrenia gave it a shot too and we decided to post together. Check her's out!! She's got wicked sense of style and shares my love for all things badass!!!

And the final product.

And now the stencils look pretty cool taped to my wall.


  1. i didnt have time to buy paint so i had to do mine with a sharpie hahah
    yours looks amazing!!!
    i love it, you have to wear it next post.
    and also if you look at the photo i have, she has safety pins on the top, you can put those on your shirt so it looks punk!!!

    i love your diys!!!

  2. hahhah i love it!!!!
    you fast girl!!!
    you should make more tshirts like this!

  3. omg!!! your t shirt is just so cool!!! congrats excellent work

  4. That looks awesome.

    Takes guts to mess around with black spray paint haha!

    I'm liking Kstew more and more! :D

  5. great job! it looks freaking awesome. i love painting t-shirts!

    i met joan on a movie i was designing a few years ago. she was so awesome. i really dig her.

    love your blog!


  6. yess just saw isqusofrenia's wicked sharpied cropped version!
    yours looks so sick, love the spray paint kinda look
    gorgeous photos too as always :)

  7. Love the DIY tee, it came out amazing!

  8. Ohmigosh that shirt looks phenomenal - what a fabulous DIY!! :)

  9. kristen stewart or krysten hahah or whatever
    flaunt magazine cover!!
    i know you love her=)

  10. Wow ! Looks great ! So cool ! Haha . And seems pretty easy to make :D

  11. incredible tees. although I dont think i've the courage to wear one :)

  12. Wow, how cool. I love it:)

  13. hahha yeah ill use stencils next time
    well ill try!

  14. How fun- your t came out so rad! Hope you can still come to my slumber party- send me your photo! xo, mel

  15. Omg! That is so gnarly.
    (Just so you know, I don't usually say things like "gnarly" but it somehow seemed appropraite in this case, don't you think?)
    Right, so back to the Tee. Its totally awesome. *love*