Monday, April 12, 2010

i look real hot in my tight blue jeans

Yeah yeah so what if I sound like a broken record bc I don't care. I finally got to see The Runaways this wknd at some dingy theater and hot damn I fell in love. Granted the story is pretty obvious....quick rise to fame, even quicker downfall, but dude the music and the fashion in the film are brilliant. I was definitely on the bandwagon of totally hating stewy's mullet but I seriously can't get over how hot it looked in the movie. I can't wait to dye my hair black again asap (faded way too quickly) and wish I had the balls to chop it all off. Yeah I don't. The platforms and all the leather...ugh drooling over how perfect everything looked. The film is really all about girl power and doing what you love. I seriously regret quitting my guitar lessons when I was kid bc all I want to do right now is rock out. Instead I'm jamming in my room to the soundtrack.

I am making this tee. I must I must I must!

Now I just need a pair of tight leather pants and pair them with a dingy wife beater. In love. Now get out and see this movie. I promise totally worth it. Dakota is unreal and stewy is definitely less awkward but you know I love her so I'm totally biased. However even my big sister said it was great. She's very picky and not into the things I like. See it!
Also I'm working on pitching clients to some need your help gathering some pretty awesome blogs. I tend to follow more personal style blogs but am looking for more general fashion blogs w/followings.
ps. glad you all like hamlet ;)


  1. i really want to see that movie!!!!

    unfortch it's rated R. sigh. nobody will take me. actually, none of my friends want to see it, so we can't even sneak in together or anything.

    i'll def find it online tho... muahahahha :D

    i think dakota fanning is turning out to be such a pretty girl. her name is gives me shudders tho. Dakota. ewww. Fanning. uggghhh

    but she's pretty cool :D

    kstew is getting better and better!

  2. Hahaha, while I can't stand K Stew, I might actually deign to watch this. I suppose it's because I love the Runaways. Yeah. Leather/spandex leggings/pants for the win.

  3. I desperately want to see this movie. I can't believe how gorgeous Dakota Fanning has become!! :)

  4. i seriosly want to see this movie like bad hahha
    its funny my husband tried to dowloaded off this website but i didnt work,i know its not the right thing to do (most of you say) but to be honest i dont give a fuck hahah
    i do but i dont,
    anywyas im gonna have to go see it and pay money
    its fine, but yeah the fashion here is just amaizng.!!!
    and yes make the tshirt,i want one too
    we should seriously make one and then plan on posting it the same day and then we can link each other hahhahha
    we dont have to but it would be kinda fun!

  5. I definitely want to go see that soon!

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it <3

  6. i seriously need to see that movie. pronto!

  7. looks like a good movie coming up! :) x

  8. yea, I'm curious about this movie too. I read a lot about the controversy on this movie already. But I still wonder what happened to the case, no more about it lately.

    I personally don't like this tight thighs pants.

  9. The makeup and outfits are flawless, makes me want to go start to the 1970's. The leather, bell bottoms, and platforms - too characteristicly perfect!

  10. i really want to see that movie. i have worked with joan before and she is so amazing. you should definitely make that tee. it's awesome!


  11. hey so i posted mine hahahha
    and its so funny cuz i really wanted to use black paint but i didnt wanna drive all the way to the store.
    hurry up and post the dammn shirt!!=)

  12. I need to start wearing jeans.