Saturday, April 10, 2010

i'm not your babe

Thank you for all the well wishes lovies. Feeling much better now although my allergies are totally kicking in now. Sneezing is not fun. But I'd like you all to say hello to Hamlet. Yup the skull has a name. He normally resides downstairs in my living room but I stole him for my room. Cheeky little fellow. Went to a cool restaurant with some of my girlfriends that I hadn't seen in some time last night. I was spraying Afrin in my nose while sipping some white wine. Totally worth it just for the guacamole and yummy pollo quesedillas. It was a restaurant slash lounge with a cave kind of feel. Definitely fun hanging out with girls and mingling with random group of men celebrating a bachelor party. They were all buddies from college yet not one of them was from here. I was getting lost in the brazilian and british accents. Because I still wasnt feeling well, I wore my comfy joggers and flowy black silk tank. Oh who am I kidding, I'd wear that even if I was totally fine. But am exhausted now running on a few hours of sleep and getting ready for another dinner party tonight. Ugh I guess I have to pretend to be social.
xx happy wknd


  1. i am sooo getting a skull and giving it a name! you are officially the coolest person ever, ever ;p


  2. Your flowy black tank sounds magical. Have fun at your dinner party tonight, my love!! :)

  3. I am glad you are feeling better =)

  4. that is one cool ass skull :) thats cute that you named it, hamlet of all names. not to sound like a total book geek but that is one of my all time fav pieces of literature!
    and thanks for your concern :) my doc says everything is fine now, and i can even go back to work!

  5. Cute pictures! I Love your blog. Great post.

  6. Hamlet looks a little thin. His bones are showing.

    hahaha i kill myself (:

    anyhoo, i'm glad you're feeling a bit better! being sick is never much fun.

    have fun at your dinner party, love.

  7. Ahaha...Hamlet the Skull. Epic! I bet he has the wisdom of the ages! Thanks for commenting on my blog and get well soon!


  8. Hamlet ! So cool ! And as always , love the photos :D

  9. its name is hamlet ? hihi ;p love the photos btw <3 <3

  10. oh god tell me about it
    i have been sneezing like crazy! too i think its allergies too but its so annoying.
    wow the white skull looks awesome
    and of course i love you in this pics!
    soon youll become a socialite , i can see you in shows and stuff.
    hahhah have fun !