Sunday, February 28, 2010

yea you walk these lonely streets and people stare

I hate Sundays. The weekend is ending and I usually wake up in the not so best shape if you know what I mean. Three hours of sleep will do that to you. These are just some pics of what I wore last night. Some rolled up trousers from my mom's closet, my harley and nine west clogs. (Feet are paying for that now.) Originally opted for an oversized white button down but switched last minute to the tee. Got a questioning eye from mum before I left but then my favorite saying "it's you." And that's most important right?
Last week of press preview; crunch time. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. love the harley tee!
    and those are some killer earings

  2. lazy sunday mornings are amazing. sunday nights are usually hella depressing. love those earrings btw!

  3. i love how lately youve been taking photos of you
    so far this is my favorite
    i need that shirt!!
    you look so pretty!

  4. I hate Sundays as well, the weekend is far too short. haha Great tee!