Wednesday, February 10, 2010

baby is a bad boy with some retro sneakers

My mom walked in my room this morning holding this retro navy blue with teal and purple flower patterned sweater. It was a major laughfest this am bc her friend gave it her after finding it buried in her closet to sell on ebay. It's super soft so right now it's keeping me warm while I watch the snowfall outside. Is it weird that I almost find the pattern somewhat endearing? Trying to see if I can work with it or just let it become one of my many inhouse sweatshirts.

Also right now on Gilt one of our clients is having a major sale. Her name is Amanda Rudey and she is the sweetest person ever and makes gorgeous fine jewelry including the big flower ring above. Whenever I want simple pretty pieces, I always go through her stuff. And her website is 20% off if you get the code from Also another one of our clients is having a giveaway on handbag dujour. It's Zara Terez and it's a sick bag & who doesn't love free stuff. Click away. I'm such a pimp whore right now.



  1. Your sweater looks so comfy and cozy! I love that gorg ring too!

    xo, becs

  2. i love guilt but everything is so expensive for me

    im broke reallY!!!

    this sweater loooks amazing on you and i totally love your hair and those glasses this photos are so fun!!

  3. wow the sweater that your mom gave you rocks i love it

  4. You should totally wear it ironically - I love big fuzzy jumpers.

  5. love that sweater! I'd live in it.

  6. Of what I can see of it that sweater looks amazing, I would wear it everywhere! It screams I think I'm indie!

  7. Ohh cool ! I love your sweater so so much ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a nice weekend and happy val's day ! <3

  8. gorgeous jumper, and love the wayfarers :)