Sunday, February 7, 2010

i ain't got no fight in me

It's been about two years since I first left home and moved to Italy for four months. I'm kind of in the reminiscing mood and was going through all my old pictures. It's funny to see how much of me has changed and how much has stayed the same. Definitely had some questionable fashion choices in the mix including a pair of yellow moccassins I had to have from one of the few vintage stores along the Arno. It cracks me up. I love the two pictures above. My old friend and I climbed over a bridge to overlook the water. People would climb it to watch the sunset and drink wine. I'm too clumsy to drink wine and climb. The pictures seem so long ago yet also like it was yesterday at the same time. I even know what's in that blue bag after I had a little shopping spree that day. I bought a Missoni scarf for my mom since she loved my hot pink and blue one and managed to find her a black and white one. Love Missoni scarves. Hmm love those days.

Ugh and seriously miss Paris as well when I went there for a weekend with the bff. Can't wait till I'll be able to go back to there hopefully in warmer weather.

Again thank you all for supporting my fan page. I'm almost at 200 fans. =) Hope everyone had a good weekend. I definitely did. It included booze, random boys and aerial dancers. Success. I opted for comfort as usual and wore a Nirvana tee with my Dana Buchman blazer and f21 necklace (and wore my hair up for once which I never do). Er wore a sick top from Urban. See through lace..mmm. I swear we had other friends out with us (including my sister) but we are what we call "wanderers". We tend to migrate (hence random boys).



  1. I love reminiscing about travels and old homes, sounds incredibly romantic.

  2. heyy lexx yayyy i made it to the blog! another great saturday night as usual...see you next sat- same time, different place, different fellas, and no hiccups! my chest is killing me haha. LOVE YOUUU

    p.s. i am dragging you with me to see Valentine's Day whether you like it or not :)

  3. It's been over 5 years since I've moved away from home! It's always nice to reminisce! You look super cute in your t-shirt and blazer! And I'm a 'wanderer' too- it's more fun! :) xo, mel

  4. umm love wine!!
    well lady you look fantastic so sweet
    love your smile!!!
    i want a missoni scarf too!

  5. really w.r?
    i have to check that out too!

  6. wow paris lovely!!

  7. love the first photo! and you and your friend look amazing in the last. Oh and I'm so jealous of Paris/Italy! x

  8. Haha. I tend to wander when I'm out too. I like to call it taking 'bar laps'. :)

    You and your friend are so cute!

    xo, becs