Saturday, February 20, 2010

don't forget my lipstick, I left it in your ashtray

I'm really crazy about a.o's look at The Row fashion show. I love the whole covered up, comfy look. And plus it's grey and black. Who needs color. I feel like if I tried it I'll just look sloppy, but hey it's all about confidence right?

Plus the look works here too. Seriously considering whipping out my maxi skirt. And damn I love that tan shearling.

We had our first week of the press preivew and it's going great. Snapped some photos of the set up & some of my fave pieces on my phone. But promise to take better pics when I bring my camera in next week.

The wall of bags.
Sick pair of mohawk earrings.

A tree of earrings.

The two coolest rings. I swear I'm in my own personal hell with all the cool jewelry. "Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

Promise for better pictures soon and links for everything once it's all done. And these pictures show nothing compared to what we actually have in the office.
xx happy weekend


  1. aaaw so cute! i love the earrings, i do heart a good piece of costume jewlerry (even if i cant spell it properly...) :p


  2. The Row is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands, yet a brand I would never wear, just not my style. But I adore those rings, simply divine.

  3. Great blog.

    I'm a new follower. Check out my blog too when you get a chance : )

  4. crazy for that row collection!

  5. omg thoser ings are amazing
    and i think i saw this collection the other day
    the pieces are so unique and loose i like that!

  6. Love the first pic!

    xoxo M.

  7. your bag wall is fantastic! If only I had the space to do it.

  8. omg. loving those rings! i need! love your blog!