Tuesday, March 2, 2010

remember me

Last night I had the pleasure of being a part of the Remember Me premiere. Hello Robert Pattinson. Obviously all of you know by now my *little* love affair with the man. Ok total lie...HUGE love affair. It took place at the Paris Theater which luckily for me is around the block from the office. And even better luck that I have the two coolest bosses that knew how important this was for me and let me leave work. Mind you, in the middle of Press Preview. Seriously I bounced just as InStyle walked in the door. It was bitter cold and I was alone since this totally was not planned (I had thought of just stopping by to see what it would be like early afternoon and a dude that worked there saw me by the theater, called me over and offered me a wristband which allowed me to be in a small group of people that would hopefully meet rp). But made some twitter friends so the time seemed to go by faster. But my small group definitely didn't stay that way when all the people in the streets saw the commotion. I went home with the worst headache but totally worth it bc got great video of rp coming over to me and signing my Bel-Ami book (I didn't have anything on me compared to what most people had). Could have stayed to actually see a screening but I was so overwhelmed from the experience, I'll wait till next fri.

Screencaps from my vid. I melt.

I love the giggles (when he saw my book, seriously you know none of his fans are reading it...but definitely recommend it's pretty good).

Oh yea stewy was there (really tiny in person) rocking some sick Burberry Prorsum Lace Pants. Love that she paired it with a black tee and leather, although she is wearing an inside out tee that has print on the front. Guess home girl didn't bring plain tees to the city. ;)
Overall fun night. A little interesting adventure I did on my own so I'm quite proud of myself. Plus before I went my brudder bbmed me and I quote "make sure to grab condoms you know just in case." Ah my friends know me well.


  1. Great pictures, it did look like a fun night :)

  2. thats totally so cool for you
    i KNOW hahha how much you love this two!!
    i love how he laughed hahah
    i actually thinking of watching this movie
    how come you didnt take a pic of you???

  3. my co-worker posted a HUGE poster of robert pattinson above my desk that she put a little bubble coming out of his mouth that says, "hold on, little spider monkey."

    the poster also says, "true love never dies."



  4. How many times have you seen/met him now? Sigh, too jealous...I think I might hate you.