Tuesday, February 23, 2010

no wise words gonna stop the bleeding

Press preview continues which is getting a great response but my fingers may fall off from the excessive emails typed on my bberry. It's all good. Glad you guys liked some of the products from the last post. I took some vain pics wearing a pair of our client's earrings. They're beads and spikes. Pretty damn cool and were just shot for Monday's NYPost with two credits. Not bad. Also wearing my fave harley tee that I got on ebay a while ago and is full of holes which makes me love it even more. Also dyed my hair for the first time the other day. Did it out of a bottle. I'm one of those that needs instant results so I never would have gone through with it if I actually waited to "get my hair done". I went darker but chickened out with the black. Regret it. Next time going for black. Now I actually like that I'm pale with the dark locks. Hair Dye Junkie here I come.



  1. i think pale skin with dark hair is gorgeous. and agreed - pretty damn cool earrings

  2. Definitley in love with your shirt and fo for black, would look lovely intense!

  3. oh wow black hair on pale girls looks awesome
    i just love your tee
    i m looking for one just like that!!

  4. Rad look- yayy for dark hair! :) Yours looks fabulous! Rad t- and earrings too! xo, Mel

  5. Before I read the post, I said I love those earrings. I feel you about the Hardy shirt. Holes only make it better. Your dark hair is gorgeous. You're looking like a trendsetter in those pics. I like it.

  6. the rings below and the mohack earrings are sick!!