Friday, February 26, 2010

picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor

Damn I'm tired of my mug. But wanted to show you guys another pair of earrings I wore home from the office by the same designer from the last post. They're big rhinestone-ish hoops. I am so not an earrings person, usually sticking to my studs, but I've been trying them out. Add a little funk to my plain outfits of oversized sweaters, leggings and combat boots. Although I can't wear fake earrings for too long before they begin to hurt. I guess my ears are just spoiled for the gold ;).
Also aren't these sunglasses pretty badass? The other day I placed an order from f21 for nothing in particular (one of those nights where I just ordered any cute little thing I saw) and bought these. I hadn't even seen the Wang version (above) before I bought them. Hope they look as cute in person when they get here.
Happy wknd. NYC is currently buried in 2 feet of snow and I'm enjoying it considering I had no where to be today.


  1. How fun! I love your earrings and new sunglasses they will have to be the most perfect acssesories!

  2. Lovely photos ! Love them ! Haha . And that glasses are amazing . I've seen the F21 one and it looks nice ! :)

  3. love those earrings and those glasses are fierce- very gaga!

  4. they are badass indeed, but i would never be able to pull them off.