Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I'm allergic to vagina"

Mmm...feast and enjoy on this delicious new photoshoot of rpatz for Details magazine. I have never wanted to be a nude model as much as I do now from seeing these photos. I'm just happy these photos finally show him as a "grown up" not a damn 17 year old (vampire). Plus I'm digging the leather and mesh outfits the models are wearing in some pictures. Very sexy.

Crazy about the effect of this one. Oh and the title refers to a quote from rob in the interview. I love his sense of humor (he was referring to being with the nude models for 12 hours) and I think I'd be able to get rid of that allergy. Just saying ;)
Sorry for lack of posts...we're prepping for our Fall 2010 Press Preview for fashion week. Except ours will be three weeks long in the office as opposed to a hotel like last season. So these next few weeks will be filled with appointments with editors. Plus I love that so many of you were digging the jumper. If you're interested my mom has an ebay store where I usually give her a bunch of my shit to sell and she has all these vintagey kinds of jumpers on sale there too. Go to Caramias Collection for some of my stuff and my moms. She's constantly adding more shit..a pair of my lace up boots are up for sale there that I posted about a while back.
rip McQueen.


  1. Hello! It's Bianca. I'm here to stalk you! Cool blog. I loved the article. I think that quote was just Patz's weird way of saying he doesn't sleep around as much as the Mags claim. If not, they better let you have some time alone so that you can cure him.

    Good luck with NYC fashion week. I would love to attend one year. And I agree, RIP to McQueen. He was one of the best that ever did it.

  2. Gorgeous pics!

    xoxo M.

  3. theres no denying he looks good here !

  4. not a big rob fan, but he sure looks pretty fine here ;)

  5. I saw this spread and totally thought of you, he is very handsome in this one. I got kind of sick of him, but now I'm in love again.