Monday, July 6, 2009

Keep Ya Head On I finally feel better. Still a little stuffed up and gots me a nasty cough but I don't feel dead and have to stay in bed all day so I'll take it. My way of celebrating this? Catching up on my rays. It is brutally hot today in the city but I laid out for a solid two hours. Should have gone to the beach. Oh well. So since I've been kind of dead these past few days I haven't done a thing and definitely have no new outfits to share. (Not like I share that many anyway.)

Anway I kinda decided to stop washing my hair so often (is that gross) because I have really thin and fine hair and I swear I have this fear that it's falling out. I'm like Mean Girls: I look in the mirror stare at my hair...My hairline sucks! Sorry I really love that movie =). But since my hair is super thin it gets greasy twice as fast but lately I've been kind of obsessing over hats. I never thought I could be a hat person but they really are the easiest solution.

My favorite at the moment are oversized beanies. I made one myself several months ago out of an old sweater by cutting off the hood and just stitching the seam. It's actually really cute and I wore it to death during the winter. I recently ordered this one from Topman in black. I love it. Plus it was only 15 bucks and free shipping. Hello??!!

I'm also still loving fedoras. Even though I have yet to find one I like (or fits my head...blush), I'm kind of diggin this one from Forever21 (pic above). Simple and classic, no crazy colors involved which I like.

So what are your hair solutions? I used to love headbands but after dissecting the fact that I don't like my hairline I have up (blushes again). Hope everyone had a happy 4th!
xx smile


  1. i love that hat! thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. i have a bit of a large forehead (not huge like tyra banks or something, but proportionately large for my face), so i look really strange in hats and headbands. scarves, headbands, and beanies don't sty on my head. i wish i could go without washing my hair each day, but whenever i do, i just feel off. good luck with not washing it as much. i hope it works out for you!!

  3. awww! i love the hat and the olsen's working it!


  4. hey hats are one of the best things once you get into them!

  5. You can also try dry shampoo that usually helps!!! :)

  6. hat hat hat. I want that hat ^^ really.. I do.

    xxx from kissmequick

  7. ooown! MK is the best!