Monday, July 20, 2009

If I Were A Boy...well

Ok so when I was living in Italy, one of my last few days there my friends and I were roaming the streets and I found this adorable little shop that sold all kinds of cool clothes and shoes. And from what I can remember I swear I saw these exact same pair of Clarks in several colors. I fell in love immediately, my friends however did not and I thought I should trust their judgement. So I opted out of the sale.

Now lately I've been seeing Clarks all around (mainly just guys, including these but hey I don't care if they're meant for guys I love 'em). My fam thinks I'm a little weird because I want them so badly but I love them. I think they would be perfectly matched with dark blue skinnies when Fall rears it's ugly face but also with a big chunky knit sweater. Wow I can't believe I'm thinking about my Fall/Winter wardrobe already. Anyway, I'm not sure what size I'd order because I don't know how they run and well they are mens. If anyone knows do share. And what are your feelings on them?

Look at Ashley Olsen wearing a similar pair to the ones I like but according to the website hers are Hogan which I can't seem to find anyway. Oh and lesson of the day...don't always listen to your friends. ;) I'm learning to trust my own judgement.

ps-so far still haven't one the Bella jacket. Damn and I thought my answers were getting good. Check out Chickdowntown on twitter to enter as well.


  1. i like the look of the clarks, but they don't fit me right. :/ i think you should get them.
    the little violet dress

  2. My god, i love Doc Martens an d everyone else hates them. My friends and family are like ew, same situation. Go get them!

  3. these look insanely comfortable.

  4. those shoes look really cute!!!
    you shoulve gotten a pair=(

    thank your for your sweet comment, your very sweet!!