Monday, July 27, 2009

Caution: Lack Of Sleep

Lately I haven't been sleeping very well. I go to bed at a decent time but just lie there awake. I feel like my mind is constantly running on overdrive except for the fact that I have no idea what is keeping my mind racing. Hmm maybe I just need a shrink =). Anyway this not being able to sleep thing has made me develop a worse vice...compulsive online shopping. I shouldn't complain I like when I get new things but when my dad sees the bill hmmm.

So after last night's online shopping I ended up with an email this morning alerting me that my items have been shipped. I ordered from one of my favorite online shops, Boutique To You, this Wildfox sweater. I've been eyeing it for a while and I guess now was the time to order. I also ordered this by Division E which I said in a previous post I would order but last night I finally got around to doing it.

Anyone else have weird late night habits? My mom sometimes eats in her sleep. Crap I hope she doesn't read this post =) Love ya mom number one fan!


  1. i am awful at sleeping, even though i require a lot of it. when i'm up late i just do crap on the internet. i don't let myself buy anything because i know i won't make good decisions. :/ i have to sit on my hands not to get my wallet out. i hope you sleep better soon.
    the little violet dress

  2. Lo siento, brudd... I think your retail therapy is healthier than my self-medicationnn but i cannot sleep either, even with a permanent food coma at nanny and poppy's :(

  3. Great buys even if they were made in somewhat sleep mode.