Monday, July 13, 2009

Take It To The Wild

Bored at home now after running a couple of errands with my popz, resorted to a little bit of facebook stalking. Not really into fb as much anymore because my new addiction is twitter. It's bad. Anyway upon browsing through some friends of friends of friends pictures (yup that bored) I saw a pic of a girl wearing what at first I thought to be totally weird but am now loving horizontal striped leggings. Now secretly wishing I was friends with this said girl just so I can my hands on those leggings.

I found these from American Apparel but they are more zebra print so I'm still ehh on whether or not I'd get them (or if I'd even have the balls to wear 'em). Still hoping I can find the ones that girl was wearing and would post a picture of it but err fear of her friends friend of a friend finding this then I'd feel a tad weird. We shall see how it plays out, or if any of you know any cool leggings that I'm talking about.

I used to depise horizontal stripes bc to me they just scream let's see how wide we can make ak look. I've slowly moved on to really liking big bold b&w stripes on a tee and now recently bought a b&w striped mini skirt (actually it's really a tube top but hey tube top mini skirt...same thing). Waiting for a night to wear it out with a black v-neck one of these days.

Now just rambling, hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh got confirmation that my Trash & Luxury shirt has been shipped. Finally. Follow my on twitter if you think I'm interesting =).



  1. omg girl, hope you can find the one your looking for.
    those are really cool!!
    i once bought some printed leggings and i looked like a midget, cuz im short.hahha


  2. i kind of hate fb these days, but i just can't quit it. maybe someday. :)

    good luck finding your leggings!

  3. well.. i love the outfit! so chic!


  4. wow1 great legging!