Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spin Me Right Round Baby

Well hello there. Look what I found. I recently posted about stalking someone on fb that was wearing the most adorable striped black and white leggings. These may not be traditional horizontal striped but I'm loving the geometrical print. And where did I find these you ask? Well none other than the uber fabulous Forever21. Um come on now they are only $9.80. Pretty awesome.

And then keeping up with my browsing the website I found this skirt too. I think it's pretty damn cool. I'm really just falling in love with wearing black and white together. I've been so stuck in my all black phase this is kind of refreshing yet clearly it is something that is so not new.

Definitely want to check out the store first before I order. I already want to order this tee by Division E in black (obviously) and pair it with those leggings because of the fact that it's baggy (hello Nicole Richie is wearing it and shes preggers) and it's long. Perfect.

It's the simple things that make my day. I think that says something about my uneventful summer. But I'm hoping to get a friend to tag along with me to go see this guy play a show at bar this weekend. His name is Bobby Long, he's british and plays some cool music. So there something other than clothes to look forward too. ;)

xx bbz


  1. Wow-gemometric madness!

  2. OMFG I wanbt I want. Such a source for fashionlust. =)

  3. omg girl, that so affordable!!
    i wanna see those on you!
    i clicked on the site and theres so many things i want especially those lauren mushi tanks. so cute!
    unfortunaly i cannot buy anything=( but im glad you bought something!!!


  4. Love the print of the leggings and skirt! And the slouchy t-shirt would be perfect!

    xo, Becs

  5. I would love both those things, those forever21 leggings are the cheaper version of the topshop ones...i want!

  6. girl, i have to do crunches , in order to wear those cropped tees, its like darn painfulhahha