Friday, March 19, 2010

He smiled so I got up and asked for his name

I am one dumb new yorker for not taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having. Instead I opted for what But nah don't regret it; got some goodies. Got a sweet pair of harem-ish pants from Urban Outfitters (not my favorite place...too boho for me) that are super baggy but tapered at the ankles. Plus seriously reduced from 60 to 10 bucks. Also scored a pair of studded flats from Steve Madden that are absolutely necessary for my wardrobe especially with this weather. And lastly got a mini studded bucket bag from H&M and a faux biker jacket. Mind you, all the jackets in the store were reduced 15 bucks. Yup, awesome! Can you tell there was a theme going with my shopping? I'm so transparent.

Well hello red leather! Nice to meet you. Stewy at another The Runaways premiere in Austin.

You should all know by now that The Runaways opened today but of course isn't playing in my theater. I'll have to wait till April 9th unless I feel like trecking it somewhere. Mother f....
ps follow charmandchain on twitter to enter to win a stunning denim Rachel Leigh cuff that was just featured in InStyle.


  1. Haha, I haven't really taken advantage of this NY weather yet either & also went shopping at H&M. Loved that jackets were $15 off!

    Gorgeous flats you got!

  2. Shopping day! I love what you've chosen! the flats are great! I have a similar bag, mine is from Miss Selfridge.
    Nice post!

  3. love the leather. <3

  4. Hey hon! Fabulous buys - glad to hear you guys over there are having good weather. And I love K-Stew's dress- I want it for myself! xo, mel

  5. the studs and black stuff ALL LOOK GREAT!!!

    the steve madden shoes are absolute love!

  6. i love sales and i love biker chic.

    translation: i'm jealous (: i need to bus to downtown van and go shopping there... man there isn't even an american apparal in this crap town i live in. i feel so out of the loop srsly. whenever i see something i like on tv or on the internet, i can't even try and find lookalikes in this mall bc there rly isn't any stores that would sell that kind of clothing = = so sad.

    anyhoo i like yer blog! (: and i do enjoy kristen stewart sometimes. i wanna go see the runaways but it's rated r and nobody will take me...

  7. aww its not playing that sux!!!
    you got lots of amazing things
    i also went to uo this weekend and got a dress its kinda cutesy i think hahhah
    very summery i couldnt resist it was on sale
    thats all i can afford !